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New show & studio

Hi there! After the last drumming preproduction the studio is booked. First for recording drums. This will happen from 12.10.2012 to 14.10.2012 in Dresden. We are looking forward to this. Right after recording we hit the stage at the SektorEvolution at 19.10.2012 in Dresden. This gonna be a really progressive night. Besights our prog dudes of Divine X and a band called Hidden Timbre. Check them and feel free to join this really cool show.

The november 2012 starts really hard. We’ll play at the Goremageddon Festival with bands like Defeated Sanity, Dawn of Disease, Purgatory and many more. So, we’ll be the softest band of all! This could be interesting to see how the brutalos act while the DC is playing smoothies! Would be awesome! So we hope all of you in the near of Görlitz will join us. Even our fans from poland. Would be great to see you there!!

All the best and cheerz!! Awaiting the Global Collapse!


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