delta cepheid – progressive death metal

01. Singularity

An artificial intelligence?
A god creation of this world?

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02. Evolution Pt. I

Life – this special kind of matter
has taken an exceeding development  on this oasis in space – earth.
Unknown forces changing simple molecules into complex organisms.
Life – on earth is the unbelievable story of  3.6 Billion years EVOLUTION.
…however, before this period life was impossible!!!

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03. Entity

Search for a sense, Explanation of existence
The unsettled issue professed very different
The biggest prodigy in outer space – is matter itself
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04. Evolution Pt. II

Abiogenesis – one of the biggest secrets of life
The synthesis of organic matter is still
Unexplained – the beginning of evolution equates an empty page

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05. Echoes of Depredation

contradiction steers
misperception’s course

Fragments of a world
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06. Intermission

Instrumental – no lyrics

07. A Ruinations Path

“Most scientists agree that the Milky Way will cross paths with the Andromeda galaxy in about three billion years.
Both galaxies are now spiral in shape, though Andromeda is about twice as large as the Milky Way.”

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08. The Passing

Instrumental + atmospheric voice of christiane – no lyrics

09. 0×111

Destination of alteration
Stagnations rest
Expansion horizon

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